Sacraboar 90% off at Steam!  - 07/02/2010
Sacraboar is now available for 90% off at Steam!
During the Steam Summer Sale you can get Sacraboar for a very special price!The offer lasts until July 4th!

So what are you waiting for?


Sacraboar over 75% off!  - 06/05/2010
Sacraboar is now available for over 75% off at Impulse!
This special offer lasts until June 13th so make sure you don't miss it!

Click the link to get directly to the shop page:


New Sacraboar demo released!  - 11/09/2009
A new Sacraboar single-player demo is now available. It contains 12 of the 16 spells, the Test Center, the Encyclopedia and a new skirmish map with 5 out of 18 difficulty levels.
Click here to go to the download page.






Sacraboar released!  - 11/06/2009

Sacraboar is officially released! You can see here where to buy it.


Sacraboar demo released! - 11/05/2009
The Sacraboar single-player demo is now available. It contains the first set of missions and skirmish mode with all 18 difficulty levels.
Click here to go to the download page.

Pre-Order Sacraboar at Impulse! - 10/22/2009
Today opened the Impulse shop site for Sacraboar. Pre-Order now and get a 25% discount. The beta version will be available for customers on Oct. 30th.

The release date is Nov. 6th.

Sacraboar [Pre-Order]

Looking for beta testers - 10/14/2009
We will start a closed beta test in some days and need some external beta testers. We can not pay you, but you will get a free copy of the game when it's released.

Before you apply, please consider the following:

1. Do you have time to test?
We don't need testers who shortly look into the game for curiosity. We need you to PLAY the game for hours!

2. Sacraboar is a fast RTS game
Do you really like RTS games? If you are uncomfortable with that genre don't apply. If you are not sure, please wait for the demo but don't block somebody who loves RTS games from testing.

3. We need you to PLAY the game not for bug hunting
If you find bugs let us know. But that is not the main focus. We need you to play and give feedback if it's too hard, too easy, if it's fun (and if not, why?). We don't expect you to search every screen for wrong pixels, we want you to try to have fun.

4. You will be watched! (not really ;-))
We need you to test multiplayer and to send us replays of your single player games too. If you are uncomfortable with people looking over your shoulder when you play a new game, don't apply. We need your replays and we need you to play online (and those replays too).

5. You should know how to configure your PC
For multiplayer you need to add Sacraboar permissions to your firewall. You should have the latest drivers on your systen. If you are uncomfortable with fiddling with your system, don't apply. You will play a beta so don't expect everything to be working perfectly, although the game is pretty stable.
You will have to replace older versions with updated ones.

If you are interested in testing Sacraboar, send a mail to

betatest (at) makivision (dot) com

Please send us your full name, your date of birth and the specs of your computer (CPU, RAM, graphics board and OS) and a list of RTS games you played most. We don't use your data for any other reason but for the registration to this beta (and generating your personal serial number for your beta copy).

If you have any questions, please ask in the forums or send a mail to

betatest (at) makivision (dot) com.

Hope to see you soon in the game! :)


Sacraboar website online -  10/08/2009
Today we launched the website for Sacraboar.
You can find all kinds of information about the game here. Soon we will release a playable demo, so come back and get the demo when it's ready for downloading.

Join the Sacraboar community and register at the Forums.

get the demo